If you’re suspicious about short links received in email or on Twitter you can rely on Unshorten.it online service which uncovers the original URL for a short one and shows safety ratings for that site powered by Web of Trust. This service doesn’t relies on URL shortener API services, so is reliable and likely works with most of URL shortening services.

Twitter is filled with short links. If you’re not able to decide whether to click on a short link received from unknown person on Twitter, never click those! always safe to know where that link takes you to – a malicious website or safe site?-.

Unshorten Links from right-click menu in Firefox/Chrome browser

So its not easy for user to visit Unshortening service site every time and paste the Shortened URL whenever he encounters one, that’s why keeping this in mind Unshorten.it is offering extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers. So its better to install Unshorten.it extension for any one of the browser.

After installing the extension, right click on short URL and select “Unshorten this link” which redirects you to service site and shows following security information of destination site.

  • Destination webpage URL, title and description.
  • WOT Safety rating for site.
  • Screenshot of the site.
  • Warns if that website is found in HPHosts blacklists.

unshorten.it showing destination URL for short link and security informatin of it

After knowing the site is safe to visit through Unshorten.it you can navigate to that URL from the service site you just reached.