Do you want to try Password Generator to be offered by Google Chrome in future versions of browser to create accounts?, here is the way. Password Generator which Chrome team has been working on since some time now for Chrome browser which when detects account creation pages shows pair of keys icon which when clicked suggests strong  passwords for new accounts.

Today’s update for dev. channel has added “enable password generation” flag to about:flags page. If you’re interested to test this feature right now, you just need to enable this flag on dev. channel.

Enable and Test built-in Password Generator in Google Chrome

1. Visit about:flags in the browser

2. Find enable password generation flag and click enable button below it

3. Restart the browser.

Now from Chrome menu sign into the browser.

Visit, and try to create an account there by clicking on “Register now” link which takes you to register page.

Chrome generates password when account creation pages are detected

Here you can see keys icon in the password field, click on it to generate the password in the password suggestion dialog box. You can keep trying for new passwords by clicking on “Reload” icon at the end of password field.

Once you want to use the generated password, click on “Try it” button which fills Retype password field automatically. Google Chrome, probably is the first browser to offer password generation feature for users?

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Update: After enabling Password Generation flag you can see “enable automatic password generation” option added and selected under Passwords and forms of Advanced Settings.