Google Drive has released official extension, Save to Google Drive for Chrome browser which lets you save web content to your Google drive. After installing the extension you have the options to save the content to drive from toolbar icon or with context menu option.

Early problems, Save to Google drive extension doesn’t work

If you click on browser action offered through extension icon on toolbar, image of entire page you’re on will be saved in PNG image format.


By default extension saves entire image of page to Drive in .png, you’ve options to save page as

  • image of visible page in .png format
  • HTML source (.html)
  • web archive (.mht)
  • Google document

options of save to Google drive extension

By selecting right click menu option “save to Google Drive”  you can able to save links, images or media to Google drive.

To get the extension working in incognito mode you need to visit chrome://extensions page and select the check box for “Allow in incognito” under Save to Google Drive.

Save to Google Drive Chrome extension

At the time of writing this article the extension is not working on dev. version of Chrome which shows “Redirecting to Google to log in” on a separate tab and stops when try to save content to drive through browser action or from context menu.

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