On eve of Christmas VLC Media Player dresses up its cone with Santa hat, this hat stays on VLC cone till January 1st if you don’t want to see Christmas hat in VLC player, you can easily disable it on Windows and Mac. For every year, in the month of December from 18th to January 1st system tray and cone icons of VLC player wears Santa hat, this happens automatically during the holiday season and is indeed is an Easter egg embedded into the player by developers.

VLC player cone icon worn Santa Hat for Christmas thumb How to Remove Santa Hat in VLC Player   This is For don’t want Users Only

Disabling Santa hat icon in VLC Player

I have no objections or problems with this, but if you want to get VLC icon back without Santa or Christmas hat here is how to do that.

On Windows:

1. Open VLC Player,

2. From Tools menu select Preferences, select “all” under Show settings

3. Select Interface>expand Main interfaces select Qt

4. Scroll down on right pane and remove tick mark for “allow automatic icon changes”,

5. Click Save and restart the player to see the changes.

Now if you open VLC Media Player you will see regular cone and tray icons.

On Mac

  • Tools>Preferences>Interface>Main interfaces> Mac OS X > uncheck “ allow icon to be changed”,
  • Restart the Player.

Please note that I no way trying to disturb the Christmas Spirit of you, you can keep the Santa hat icon or remove it, its’ up to you. This article was written to let you know there is a way exists to get regular VLC  icon back in place of Santa hat during these holidays.

I take this as opportunity to say “Happy Xmas” to all readers in advance. Please stay on the topic,  don’t post spam comments with Xmas wishes.