A new feature in Windows 8, which you may have not noticed till now and indeed can turn into a security concern, talking about password reveal button or the eye icon that appears at the end of password field on account login pages when you start typing in Internet Explorer. This icon lets you see the password you’ve typed so far by holding the mouse pointer on it, if you want to disable this feature you can do that easily, here is how.

eye icon in password field reveals dots in password field

Security concerns with password reveal button

The aim of the introduction of this feature is to let the user know the password he has typed is correct or not, and this feature has its own disadvantages, where if you save passwords to IE, then anyone having access to your system can able to easily view your passwords without extra effort.

Disable Password Reveal button in Windows 8

1. Press Win key+R to open Run command and type gpedt.msc to open the Group Policy Editor.

2. Navigate to User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Credential User Interface

3. Double click for “Do not display the password reveal button” on the right pane, and select ‘enabled’, click “OK “to save changes.

set windows 8 to do not display password reveal button

4. Exit Group Policy Editor.

Chrome to Prompt for Windows Password to Show Saved Passwords in It

Update 28/05/2013: If you also want to get rid of Eye icon in Password field in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Download and save DisableEyeiconPasswordwin7 registry file to your computer.

2. Double click on it and for warning dialog shown on screen, click “Yes” to add information to the registry.

What this registry file does is, it creates a registry key named “DisablePasswordReveal” for Internet Explorer 10 and assigns Dword value “00000001”. Instead of doing this stuff manually, we’ve created the registry file for you.

Let me know it is worked for you or not in the comments.