RealNetworks has released RealPlayer version 16 with video bookmarking feature and toolbar mode for Free users and with other product and security improvements. If you don’t want to download a video you’re watching on a website, you can bookmark it and watch later from RealPlayer library whenever you want with “bookmark video” feature offered in this version.

How to bookmark Videos on YouTube/other websites after installing Real Player

For instance to bookmark a playing video on YouTube, you need click on “Bookmark this video”.  Once the video is bookmarked, to play it on Real Player on desktop, open Real Player click on Library and under web videos on left side click on “Bookmarked Videos” and then click on Play button on that video on right side to start playing.

bookmarked video in realplayer 16 library

Note: You can always access Download this video from Bookmark this video menu and vice versa is true when Download this video menu is shown on top.

Toolbar Mode in RealPlayer basic version

Toolbar mode minimizes RP interface to toolbar size above the Windows taskbar, so you can see your desktop and multitask while listening to music, good addition in version 16.

RealPlayer 16 free version offers toolbar mode

You can activate Toolbar mode with F8 shortcut and return to normal mode with F7 shortcut or by clicking on up arrow icon on toolbar. You can also select toolbar mode from View sub menu from RealPlayer button.


RealPlayer web installer sucks shows ad during the install and RealPlayer and its Message Center also shows ads and asks user to upgrade.

Answer to above annoyances is RealPlayer 16 offline installer which you can download from below link.

Download RealPlayer 16  [37.6 MB].

Here is the link for RealPlayer online installer.