Don’t want your Inbox in Facebook account to filled with messages from other people you don’t know?, setting Facebook Message filtering to Strict filtering does the trick for you. Facebook made changes to their Messaging system along with the introduction of Privacy Shortcuts, till yesterday only friends able to message you and other messages from unknown persons reaches to Other folder in your account.

Things changed now! “the old who can send you Facebook messages” settings been retired. Now anyone can message you” “says Facebook. Get ready for getting spam in your Facebook inbox and this article tells how to move or filter that content.

1. Sign into Facebook, click on Messages on left-side

2. Click on Other folder followed by another click on “Edit Preferences” link

3. On Message Filtering Preferences dialog select “Strict Filtering”

select Strict filtering to direct messages from people you don't know to other folder

4. Click on  “Save” button.

From now onwards messages from other people finds other folder instead of in Inbox.

Note:  Facebook is testing feature right now that allows anyone to send messages to non-friends inbox for $1, we can’t do anything about that even though  Strict filtering is turned on.