Firefox, Opera browsers offers Master password where Google Chrome is not! if you want to know the reason(s) for Google to not to offer Master Password feature for their browser, read on. If you’ve allowed browser to save passwords and enabled Master password then all you need to do is enter master password for each session when you start the browser, so that usernames and passwords will be filled automatically without you need them typing, sounds useful feature to have in Chrome, then why Google is refusing it?. 

Reasons for Google to not to implement Master Password in Chrome

Master password can’t prevent theft of passwords

Though all saved passwords are stored in encrypted format in your hard drive, you should keep in mind that when someone has physical access to your Computer that person can able to steal all saved passwords through password form fields and by installing key logger, that’s why Google feels where master password is not required.

He also suggests to lock your PC while you’re away to protect saved passwords from falling in wrong hands. 

why Google Chrome doesn't have master password feature read in Google's words

Here is what Google employee Blair said in Google groups “ You’ve laid out many scenarios in which this might be useful, but the most common is that if your computer were to fall into the wrong hands, that person would then have access to your saved passwords.While we agree that this situation would be terrible, we believe that a master password would not sufficiently protect you from danger”

Finally Google’s answer is clear puts security first for users than features -“Please know that your security is our highest priority, and our decision not to implement the master password feature is based on our belief that it creates a false sense of security instead of actually providing a strong security benefit”.