Version 4.0 of Maxthon browser developed in China has been released with cloud integration for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platform with Cloud Sync, Cloud Push and Cloud Download features. Maxthon Cloud browser syncs user data, history, and tabs across any platform. Cloud Push allows to push user content (webpage, text, pictures and links) from webpages to devices. Cloud download feature lets you download music to your private cloud having 10 GB Free storage space.

Interesting changes under the hood for Maxthon Cloud browser

Maxthon Cloud uses Google as default search engine and offers Baidu and Yandex as other search engines. This browser uses Google translate service to translate the selected text or whole page. Extensions can be installed from Maxthon Extension center.

User interface looks good. You need to login to your Maxthon Passport account to use Cloud Sync, Cloud Push and Cloud download features.

Maxthon version 4 is called as Cloud Browser

Overview video of Maxthon Cloud

What’s new in Maxthon Cloud browser version 4.0

  • Cloud Push: supports sending text, images, websites/links and tabs to Mac, Android and Windows operating systems.
  • Cloud Tabs: lets you pick up where you left off by automatically syncing your tabs to Android, iOS or Mac devices.
  • Cloud Download: supports downloading files in various formats and uploading them to ‘My Cloud’ for backup on any device.
  • Supported registering/logging in Maxthon Passport with phone numbers
  • Improvements:
    * Improved the page loading speed
    * Optimized the memory usage
  • UI Improvements:
    * Brand new UI design

Snap, Magic Fill, Night mode, Resource Sniffer are useful additions to the browser.


Maxthon installer makes it self as a default browser, you can avoid that on setup screen by clicking on “Advanced” button and unchecking that option.

The sidebar aka Extension Manager you’re seeing on left side, there is no way to remove it?.

Give Maxthon Cloud Browser a try and let us know what you think? Portable version also available.