Are you running out of disk space for your hard drive try WizTree, best free disk space analyzer shows most space used files and folders in your Computer. There are plethora of disk space analyzing tools out there, we rate Wiztree as the fastest Disk Space Analyzer. This tool after scanning the hard drive not only shows tree view of space hogs but also displays top 1000 largest files for the scanned local hard drive as well, so you can remove unneeded large files and gain disk space. This program works only on NTFS formatted hard drives.

Find Most Space Used Files on Folders on Hard drive with WizTree

Using the tool is straightforward, download and install program on your computer. Select local hard drive you want to scan for which then shows the scan results in quick time. WizTree able to display scan results quicker by reading files directly from Mast File Table (MFT) of hard drive.

tree view of wizTree, disk space analyzer

You can set the program to display file or folder sizes by KB, MB or GB values from Options menu. By default program enables Windows Context Menu entries for displayed files and folders which allows you to navigate to that folder directly and access other options from right click menu.

WiZTree works on Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7/8.

Download WizTree.

Other alternatives you can try are: Better Directory analyzer, Xinorbis, TreeSize Free.

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