Google starts to extend their search experiments to Chrome users, as part of New Tab Page testing which uses Embedded Search API Google to roll out New Tab page they’re testing for a set of users on dev. channel on Windows, and Chrome OS, Mac is coming soon. This New Tab Page includes Google search box on top of Most Visited and Apps sections, though users can search right from omnibox Google says “we’ve found that many people still navigate to their search engine’s home page to initiate a search instead”.

Google to test Search box integrated New Tab Page for few users on Chrome

If you’re using dev. version of Chrome, don’t get disappointed if you’re not part of the experiment, here is how you can test customized variation of NTP

1. Visit about:flags in browser.

2. Find “Enable Instant extended API” and click Enable button below.

3. Restart the browser.

Voila! you can see the  Chrome’s  New Tab Page which has integrated Google search box at the center(check the screenshot below).

Google testing customized variation of new tab page for Chrome

New Embedded search API over current SearchBox API helps “search provider to integrate their functionality tightly with Chrome’s Omnixbox functionality.”

Any time you can disable InstantExtend feature by visiting about:flags in browser and disabling above mentioned flag.,

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