If you’re bored with same theme shown by WinRAR for its interface, you can change that theme to your liking by choosing one from many offered by Rarlabs on its site. Installing any theme for WinRAR is very simple -if WinRAR is the only archiving program installed on your computer, then double click on downloaded theme and use options/themes menu to select and apply a theme.

Download Metro UI Theme for WinRAR

Installing themes for WinRAR

Rarlabs offers various themes for its archiver with different versions for toolbar icons size such as 16×16, 32 x32, 48×48 and 64×64.

All you need to do is visit that page, download desired themes to your computer, you can always select one from “Organize themes” dialog of WinRAR.


1. Download desired theme to your computer from WinRAR themes page.

2. If  WinRAR was already installed, then double click on it for install, when dialog asks ‘Do you wish to install WinRAR interface theme contained in ..’ click ‘Yes’.

The Theme will be installed and you can able to select it by visiting options > Themes menu.

If more than one program to manage Zip and RAR archives are installed, then you can follow below method to add themes to WinRAR.

1. Open WinRAR, from Options> Themes > select Organize themes

WinRAR organize themes dialog

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2. Click “Add” button, and navigate to theme downloaded folder and select that file and click ‘Open’.

3. Install new theme dialog will appear on screen, click ‘Yes’ to install the theme.

4. Now go to Organize themes dialog and select that theme to apply for WinRAR.

new theme applied WinRAR

You can revert to WinRAR default theme whenever you want from Options>Themes>Default Theme.

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