Security solutions developer SurfRight is offering HitmanPro.Kickstart, a free easy and powerful solution powered by HitmanPro program for the removal of Police Ransomware and other persistent malware. By using created HitmanPro.Kickstart USB drive ransomed PC users able to unlock their PCs easily.

Ransom affected PC user need to create USB drive using HitmanPro on ransomware-free PC and can use it to unblock his PC. This is not difficult as it sounds, SurfRight is offering video tutorials as well for these tasks, so follow them.

How to create HitmanPro.Kickstart USB drive

For this you need a clean virus free system, USB drive and HitmanPro program.

1. Download and install latest (32-bit )or (64-bit) version of HitmanPro on your computer and run the program.

2. To begin the process click on flying kick guy icon on program interface.

3. On the next step insert the USB Flash drive, once program detects and shows the flash drive icon on its UI,

4. Double click on it and click on “Install Kickstart”, here flash drive will be formatted and necessary files will be downloaded and copied to the drive (internet connection is required).

HitmanPro.Kickstart USB flash drive is ready, now we’re going to use this flash drive to remove Ransomware from PC.

Removing ransomware using HitmanPro.kickStart USB drive

1. Connect USB drive to affected Computer.

2. Power on your system, enter into BIOS and set USB drive as the first boot option, refer your mother board manual or consult tech savvy people nearby for help on this.

3. Once Windows environment loads, as usual desktop will be blocked and locked by ransomware or other malware but HitmanPro bypasses the ransomware and allows you to perform the scan.

4. Once the scan is finished, remove the threats by clicking “Next” button and restart your Computer, Unplug the USB drive.


This program makes it easy even for non-technical users as they don’t need to deal with Linux environment offered by Rescue CDs with programs like Kaspersky’s Windows Unlocker instead in much familiar Windows environment they can able do ransomware removal process.

You can find more information on HitmanPro.Kickstart page.