Do you know Freemake has a dedicated page for standalone installers of their programs?  Freeware developer Freemake which believes good software must be free and that’s why they’ve developed free alternatives to paid programs with high quality such as Free Video Downloader and Video Converter.  At present another two free products being offered by Freemake as well they’re Freemake Audio Converter and Music box.

Current era is of web installers, case is also same with Freemake products mentioned above,  whenever new version of Freemake product is released web installer is offered instead of offline version. Advantage being user always installs latest version of product onto his Computer.

freemake products offline versions download links

But these online installers always annoy users having less bandwidth or slow internet connection and they always wants the things to get done faster these days. You don’t need to get disappointed! here as Freemake already offering dedicated page for offline installers of their products.

Here is that page link –

The above page features downloads for Free Audio & Video converters and Video downloader and Music box. You can visit that page and download and install those on Computer that has no internet connection without any problems. Freemake updates that page when their products’ new versions are released, so you likely to install latest version on your Computer.