Alpha version 5.0 of Free Download manager has been released and available for testing for early adopters. Free Download Manager 5.0 version sports completely new interface, you can install this version on top of FDM 3.9.2 on your computer, but it is still a prototype version can be buggy and you should expect the program to behave as unstable on your computer.

UPDATEFree Download Manager 5.1 Beta Released

Free Download Manager v5.0 Review

Let me summarize the new features for you: modern HTML5 interface with added support for full Unicode. Settings page got the redesign as well, experience settings were moved to “advance” section, support page has added right in program which allows user to contact the support team.

Free Download Manager version 5.0 user interface

FDM by default supports Firefox and Internet explorer browsers, however you can still enable support for Chrome and Opera browsers from under “Monitoring” section in Settings.

Program main window shows finished and happening downloads. From the dropdown menu you can select and view in progress, stopped, other and all downloads. Global settings of FDM resembles bit to settings of Chrome, program by default set to download and install updates automatically.

FDM 5 global settings

Traffic usage modes lets you define maximum (green box), medium (yellow box) and minimum (red box) download rates where FDM by default uses maximum traffic usage mode that utilizes all the bandwidth.

You can customize bandwidth allocation of  medium and minimum traffic usage modes according to your liking from the settings. You can switch from maximum to medium or minimum traffic usage mode by hovering your pointer over 3 horizontal lines icon.

You can also manually initiate downloads by adding URL of download file by clicking “add” button. Downloads by default saved to C:\Downloads folder which you can change from Program window.

Download FDM 5.0 alpha

Source: FDM blog.