We’ve reported two months back that soon Firefox will get per-window Private Browsing, let me update you on that this feature is ready for testing with experimental builds being available on Mozilla ftp servers for Windows, Mac and Linux. Firefox’s private browsing mode which when entered by user doesn’t saves browsing history for that session on exit. Problem here is that user has to give away current session for private session something Mozilla working since more than year and seven months for now to fix.

“Over the past 19 months, we have been working on a plan to rewrite the private browsing code to make it possible to open a private window without needing to close down the entire non-private session, and today, I’m happy to announce that we now have the first experimental builds with this feature ready for testing.” Mozilla’s Ehasn Akhgari says in his blog.

Private browsing mode opened in a different window without closing the current session

Before testing this build keep in mind that it is not even a nightly build, so don’t surf sensitive sites like related to banking in PB -there’re chances for data leakage. Since these builds are buggy and issues mentioned below need to be addressed by Mozilla before offering this feature in a regular nightly build.

Known issues with current Per-window private browsing experimental builds

  • Download manager not available for PB
  • Social UI is enabled for private windows
  • The above UI for PB you’re seeing in screenshot is not final, they’re some other UI work in pending as well.

It looks like Mozilla doesn’t have plans to offer Per-tab private browsing which Opera offers. You can download these test builds from here.

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