If you’re using animated themes in Firefox there is shocking news for you! Mozilla has decided to stop animating themes from animating on startup of Firefox browser from version 18 onwards which is currently in beta and to become stable with the next release. Mozilla is giving higher priority to performance and because animated themes have large image files, Firefox becomes slow to load them on startup, that’s why to avoid this Mozilla wants to “crop the images to your screen size when you start Firefox”.

From Firefox 18 onwards animated themes won’t animate on Startup

Because of smaller images Firefox load times will be improved. Mozilla’s Amy Tsay says on Add-ons blog “ We understand that animated themes are very popular with some users, and people will be upset with this difficult decision. However, to keep Firefox performing optimally for the even greater number of users who care about speed, the decision was necessary”.

If you’re using animated themes Mozilla suggesting you to install and use Personas Shuffler add-on which refreshes the animated themes every time when Firefox loads.

Who uses animated themes these days with concerns over performance of Firefox exists from much beginning? do you use any? Share with us in comments.