If you found bit difficult to find out Which tab is playing that video on Google Chrome? then this might help you. If you’ve watched any video on YouTube in Google Chrome and set the browser to load pages from previous session on startup, then figuring out which tab is playing music is difficult task on startup with too many opened tabs. And Chrome’s tab bar also doesn’t even show the favicons for pages when it gets cluttered.

Without the need to check each tab one by one here is a simple trick that may work for you only if that video is playing on YouTube.

Finding Music playing tab using Task Manager of Chrome

Open Chrome task manager by pressing Shift +Esc, see the YouTube icon double click on it to switch to that tab and you can close there.

This trick doesn’t works for a tab that has playing embedded YouTube video on site other than YouTube. Though this is not geeky tip but helps me to find that annoying tab that playing video on startup.

Youtube video playing tab shown on Chrome task manager

Want an extension? then use Mute Tab extension that displays background tabs that are playing  sound and lets you pause or close those tabs.