With Flash Player Update service that installs new versions of flash automatically on your computer makes it difficult to know when the flash update was installed on Windows, this article helps you in that regard.

Recently Adobe has introduced background updates for Flash Player on Windows (on Mac too)with which its update service periodically checks for updates and downloads and installs them whenever newer versions are released.

Adobe releases new version of Flash Player for browsers like Firefox, Internet explorer and other browsers which will be automatically updated with in or after 24 hours if you’d selected automatic updates installation for Flash Player in the last update or chosen adobe to install updates from its settings manager in Control Panel.

Problem with install of Flash Player Automatic Updates

This is nice to have Adobe automating Flash Player installation in the background which protects you from vulnerabilities and fixes from crashes, but here Adobe is lacking the feature to notify the users when the updates installed silently.

If you’ve found issues with Flash first thing you do is look at its version number and then enquire when it was released.

Finding latest Flash Player installed date on Computer

1. Open Control Panel, search for Flash in the search box

2. Double click on Flash Player, click on “Advanced” tab which shows ActiveX and Plug-in versions,

3. Now click on “Check Now” button which loads flash version about page in browser and shows flash version you’ve installed and latest version being offered by Adobe on a table below.

4. Having known the Flash version number, now visit Control Panel>Programs and Features and check installed date for Flash Plugin for IE and other browsers (check the screenshot below), there you go! here you’ve known on which date Flash Player Update Service installed flash update on your Computer.

Control Panel programs and features showing installed date of flash player