Bitdefender has released Bitdefender antivirus free edition for Windows and is available for download from their website. Surprisingly all of sudden security vendor Bitdefender has quietly released its free antivirus product and game on! as it wants to compete with free antiviruses like Avast, AVG and Avira in the market.

Bitdefender claims their free AV doesn’t annoys users with pop ups, doesn’t slows down system performance and takes security decisions it self, offers real-time protection, no user interference is required and zero- configuration for the product is needed, interesting!.

During the installation before installing its components BitDefender installer scans for active viruses on system so that they won’t stop the install process. And components downloading and quick virus scanning will be done simultaneously during the setup.

Bitdefender free av installation progress

User interface is simple, with “virus protection” and “auto scan” functions where former scans for threats in real-time and latter is on-demand scanner silently scans for critical areas of system by using system resources that are free.

Bitdefender free antivirus user interface


  • Close to zero impact on the system
  • Minimum user interaction required
  • Fewer settings to configure
  • Continuous scanning protection for your system
  • Simple program interface


We found Bitdefender free av not compatible with Malwarebytes, that’s strange! we’ve to uninstall that program to install this one, so you’ve remove both antivirus and other anti-malware installed on your Computer to install this.

Unlike any other antivirus allows to stop the program from running, use Exit button for that from its tray icon.

Final verdict: to early to say.

Bitdefender antivirus free edition works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8, you can download it from below links.

32-bit [8.3  MB]

64-bit  [8.7 MB]

If you’ve a chance to test free av of Bitdefender tell us your opinion on it here through comments.