Do you wish to disable JavaScript in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer browser? then follow this guide. For security reasons if you want to disable JavaScript in popular browsers this article explains you how to do that step by step in detail.

To disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer 8,9

1. Open Internet Explorer, from Tools menu select Internet options

2. Click on Security tab and then “Custom level”

3. Scroll down to the bottom and select “disable” button for “active scripting”

4. And click OK to save the changes.

disable active scripting to disable JavaScript in IE

Disabling JavaScript in Firefox

1. Open Firefox browser, Options>Content tab

2. Uncheck or remove tick mark for “Enable JavaScript”,

Firefox Content tab

3. Click Ok to save the changes.

To disable JavaScript in Google Chrome browser

1. From Chrome menu select Settings click on “show advanced settings”

2. Click on Content Settings under Privacy

3. Scroll down for JavaScript and select “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript”

4. Click on “Done” to save changes to the browser.

JavaScript section under Content Settings of Chorme

Disable JavaScript in Opera

1. Open Opera browser, press Ctrl +F12 to open its Preferences

2. Click on Advanced tab, select Content and uncheck “enable JavaScript”

3. Click Ok button.

JavaScript options in Opera browser