If you’re wondering how to close an eBay account that you no longer using just follow this article. If you’ve created multiple accounts for your family members to grab special deals offered for new customers or to buy same items in bulk or to get discount coupons you should know that creating account in eBay is easy but if you want to close those accounts it will be much tougher for you and take more time (>7 days) than needed in creating an account. Without much ado, here is how to close your eBay account in India.

Closing eBay India account

1. Sign into your eBay account with your user ID and password,

2. Click on “My PaisaPay”  link on top of page, click on “Account balance” tab and make sure PaisaPay account summary is showing zero, if there are any dues pending clear them.

3. If you’re also sold any items on eBay by creating Seller account then do the following

  • Cancel all your bids,
  • Close disputes you have any in your account,
  • Clear outstanding balance if any pending,
  • and there should be no activity on your account for the next 60 days

4. Now go ahead and submit a request to close your account,

5. Follow the instructions shown on screen -you need to select category and matching reason to close your account and click on continue button to move forward, eBay tries to persuade you to not to leave their site.

6. On last step i.e at confirm closure of eBay account page read the information shown on page agree to it by selecting tick mark below and click on “Close My Account”

You need to give 7 days for eBay to close your account, when the waiting period is over you’ll receive an email confirming your account has been closed.

eBay confirm closure account page

So many steps, you can read more details here.

You should know that once you close your account its not possible to create new account with same user name or email address.