CCleaner, crap cleaning tool available for Mac and Windows has been downloaded for 1billionth time at the start of this December says Pirform in its blog. Every one likes to protect their privacy and improve their PC performance by using CCleaner which erases browser history and cleans temporary files. Lot of tools come and gone but CCleaner always stands out as number one PC optimization and cleaning tool, won’t you agree?.

“ At the start of December, CCleaner was downloaded for the 1 billionth time! That’s an amazing 1,000,000,000 installations of CCleaner. A milestone that only a few other software titles have hit. “

Congrats to CCleaner for completing 1 billion downloads

Here are some interesting stats and history about CCleaner

1.CCleaner version 1.0 was released eight years back.

2. Program can be run in 47 languages, you can select the language from drop-down box in Settings.

3. With increasing user base in over 200 countries and 10 million new installations a month.

I use CCleaner daily in an interesting way, that is to accomplish two tasks with a single click-  clearing the cache and shutdown of Computer after the cleaning. I found this most useful.

Read Make CCleaner to Shutdown Windows Automatically After Cleaning.

Source: Piriform blog