Avira still saying they’re continuing to improve their 2013 products compatibility with Windows 8, yesterday released update build 2890 by Avira has improved Windows 8 compatibility much more. If you don’t know Avira has released their 2013 products line back in October (close to) and their products aren’t officially compatible with Windows 8 till now.

Hence Avira products not certified for use on Windows 8 PCs where another free AV vendor  Avast has already achieved “Windows 8 compatible” logo for their products from Microsoft.

Avira’s Progress on Windows 8 compatibility

Latest update brings following changes to Windows 8 compatibility

  • The pop up warning which used to display at the setup beginning on Windows 8 now has been removed.
  • Once Avira is installed successfully Windows Defender will automatically deactivates it self now.
  • Avira products now register and integrates with Windows 8 action center.
  • Avira application binary files are built with more security features enabled.
  • Product updates are now integrated into regular detection updates and all product update specific configuration options were removed.

You can track the progress here.