This article sheds light on how to access Google’s cached version of a page more easily from browser’s address bar without visiting Google website. What do you do if the webpage of a site you’re trying to access is not available due to reasons like maintenance or removed or updated by the author or blocked in your country, you simply go to Google and paste that page URL to access cached version of it.

Year back Google has moved cached link underneath the search result to Instant Previews on right so you might find it difficult to access from there also.

Google does store cached version of page as back-up which lets it serve you when that page goes offline. Cached pages are more useful for users than web site owners.

Google cached version of page

Accessing Google Cached version of a Page from Chrome address bar

All you need to do is type cache:query command in Google Chrome browser’s address bar and press enter, here you’ve to replace “query“ with the URL of page you want to find the Cached version for.

e.g :  cache:

In other browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer to find the cached version for a specific page from address bar type the following

In the above address you need to replace URL with page URL which you were not able to access in real-time. Do remember that cached page was snapshot of page taken by Google bot when it last crawled the site, this page might have changed in meantime.