Online Privacy Company, Abine has rebranded their DoNotTrack Plus extension offered for Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers as DoNotTrackMe which now offers even better tracking protection than previous version. It is not ad-blocking add-on but more powerful privacy tool that blocks tracking from advertising companies and social networks automatically when you visit websites.

Abine claims their DNTMe tool helps to “load certain websites up to 4 times faster”. No configuration is required on user’s end, you just need to install and use without need to configure much in settings.

Abine DoNotTrack Plus becomes DoNotTrackMe

New features offered with DoNotTrackMe

  • Added over 50 new trackers to DNTMe’s block list
  • Refreshed UI with a chart that shows you how many new trackers you’ve blocked while using DNTMe
  • Privacy alerts that appear on the DNTMe icon when we have news or tips about the site you’re visiting. For example, if Facebook changes their privacy policy, you’ll get an alert the next time you visit Facebook
  • Now available worldwide in 12 languages

Abine DoNotTrackMe released

If you’re already using Avira antivirus 2013 then you don’t need to install this add-on as Avira incorporated Abine Do Not Track Plus into their tracking blocker.

Visit Abine homepage in supported browser to install their add-on.