StartW8 ports Windows 7 Style start menu with search and power options included to Windows 8, this might be Start menu for Windows 8 you’re looking for?. There are lot of free and paid versions of Start Menu replacements available on internet for Windows 8 and recently one Company sold thousands of copies of such program, they should thank Microsoft for ditching Start Menu and coming to the point StartW8 freeware really impressive.

This program brings Windows 7 style Start menu to Windows 8 and gives feeling it is integral part of Windows 8. No configuration is required on user’s end but still offers some options in basic settings.

StartW8 impressive Start menu for Windows 8

Using the program is pretty easy, download and install on your Windows 8 PC, Smart Screen might come in your way click “run anyway” button. StartW8 much like other start menu replacements switches to desktop automatically after logon, offers0 start menu similar to Windows 7 but there is plenty more.

  • Fully functional start menu with Search field allows to search for programs and launch them.
  • Shutdown button now is one-click away, click on StartW8 button and click on Shutdown.
  • Start button is some what different to orb we see in Windows 7 but it adds style to Windows 8.
  • Classic Shell lacks the power options, this one has it.
  • Access Recently used programs, right-click on StartW8 button to get access to links to file explorer, command (admin), Shutdown, restart commands.

basic settings of StartW8

StartW8 basic Settings let you toggle switch to desktop after sign in option and allows to configure menu items you wish to show on Start Menu. You can also assign default action for Power button by choosing from restart, Switch User, lock, Restart, Sleep and hibernate commands.

Download and install StartW8 and forget about Windows 8 modern UI.

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