Use PC Decrapifier to remove all trial versions of programs shipped with new Windows 8 PCs in an unattended fashion. If you’ve bought a brand new Windows 8 PC from any one of PC manufacturing companies like Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell, etc., don’t be surprised if your system comes preinstalled with trial programs you might not use in the future at least for once. Don’t worry! You can able to remove them easily by using the free portable tool, PC Decrapifier.

PC Decrapifier: Easily Remove Preinstalled Software from New Branded PCs

Remove Preinstalled trial programs from Windows 8 PC’s with PC Decrapifier

What’s the point in preinstalling the trial version of antivirus software when Windows 8 already comes with Windows Defender protection? Who is using bloated Nero 12 these days?

By offering users these crapware doesn’t make them happy, they’re not fully functional versions, will expire after an evaluation period and afterwards user finds it difficult to remove such programs.

Using PC Decrapifier in Windows 8: Though this program is officially not compatible with Windows 8, at present it is working in Windows 8. Portable version, no installation and configuration is required on the user’s end.

PC Decrapifier Windows 8

Decrap my Computer, is a good Alternative to PC Decrapifier?

Download and run the tool, select “yes” for “is this a new PC” question on the wizard, create a restore point and on the next step, trial versions will be automatically detected and shown on the screen for you to review. This tool uninstalls the selected ones from your computer one by one automatically without the need of your intervention in the middle.

Note: PC Decrapifier never removes anything without prompt, so rest assured nothing will be removed automatically without your consent.

Download PC Decrapifier

Update: PC Decrapifier is now compatible with Windows 8 from latest version 2.2.9 onwards.

Update 1: Now works on Windows 8.1 too.