If you want your Start Screen to look clean and tidy then before installing any program lock the pinning to Start Screen feature so that no unwanted tiles will be added. Using “Pin to Start” item on context menu in Windows 8 you can able to Pin files to Start screen for quick access. There is a disadvantage with this feature as even installed software also automatically pins its shortcut tile to Start Screen which you or Windows 8 can’t have Control on. Gradually with the install of programs on your Computer Start page gets messy and unclean.

If you don’t want your Start Screen to get cluttered with too many tiles, then best way to prevent programs from auto pinning is to temporarily disabling pin to Start feature and then re-enable it once you’ve installed programs. AutoPin Controller freeware portable program lets you do exactly the same.

Disable Pin to Start feature in Windows 8

Using AutoPin Controller: Download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run AutoPincontroller executable. Click on “lock “Pin to Start Screen” feature”.

AutoPin Controller

Once you installed necessary programs unlock the pinning feature by clicking on “Unlock Pin to Start Screen feature”.

Reset Windows 8 Start Screen to default state

With a single click this program resets start screen to first logon state by removing tiles/shortcuts.

Pin to Start  locked so no programs can pin to Start automatically

Download AutoPin Controller

Note: Once Pin to Start is locked you can’t find Pin to Start item on context menu, so unlocking it brings that option back again.