Opera 12.10 final version for Windows, Mac and Linux has been released and available for download from Opera website. This stable version brings retina support for Mac & extensions,  SPDY, DNS prefetching, basic touch support for Windows 8. Opera software gives more emphasis on powerful extensions they’re offering in add-ons catalog for you to choose from or Social, lifestyle, business and Weather categories.

Opera 12.10 is all about Extensions and SPDY 

Opera add-ons catalog offering extensions for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Weather and News. Some of these extensions are for Speed Dial which makes user to get updates from Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest right on Speed Dial without needing to visit these sites.

Opera 12.10 supports three new APIs for extensions: Context Menu API, Screenshot API and Resource Loader API. Developers need to create extensions based on these APIs to make users engage with extensions. Extensions are allowed to install from Opera add-ons catalog only by default.

Opera 12.10 stable released

SPDY: Opera Turbo which loads sites faster on slow connection got SPDY support. Readability offering their extension for Opera for you to read articles later.

This version adds support for Retina displays and Mountain Lion users can enjoy Notification Center and Sharing support.

DNS prefetching makes Opera to perform DNS look-up for the link when you hover over, when clicked on link it will be loaded much faster than before.

Download Opera 12.10