Windows 8 is not easy to adopt, lets take for e.g its easy to show hidden files and folders in older version of Windows, here on newer OS Folder Options Dialog box is even bit difficult to access. To see hidden files and their extension names on Windows 7 what we do is from Tools menu select Folder Options click View tab and select ‘Show hidden files and folders and deselect  ‘hide extensions for known file types’.

In Windows 8, Ribbon helps to change the way files and  folders appear and work. Folder Options dialog box also offers settings related to Folders.

Open File Explorer click View tab>select Hidden items to let Windows ‘show hidden files and folders’ and similarly you can also tick mark ‘‘File name extensions’ to identify unknown files by their type or format.

hidden items

How to open Folder Options Dialog box in Windows 8?

Want to access Folder Options dialog box? all you need to do is click on View tab on ribbon click Options>Change folder and Search options.

folder options in Windows 8

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