Google makes it clear that they don’t alter their behavior upon receiving Do Not Track requests from user, so if Chrome user enables DNT for browser he needs to know its just a setting Google added to do nothing. Controversial DO Not Track feature finally added to Chrome 23 stable. You can find this option disabled by default under Privacy section of Advanced Settings.

If you turn this on Chrome includes request from you in browsing traffic conveying signal that user wants opt-out from tracking here websites need to respect user request. And funny thing is Google don’t forget is an advertising company which added this setting to its Chrome browser doesn’t respect the request from users when they enable it.

The following pop-up comes up when you selects the option, if click Ok it will be enabled but clicking on Cancel or pressing Esc button makes no changes to Chrome. Here “learn more” link takes you to Chrome help page says the fact “At this time, most web services, including Google’s, do not alter their behavior or change their services upon receiving Do Not Track requests.”

Pop up describing Chrome way of handling Do Not Track

So there is no point of enabling Do Not Track in Chrome? it needs adoption from advertising companies like Google, Microsoft and other sites. But at least efforts are going on make it effective.

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