If you’ve separate accounts for Skype and Windows Live Messenger then you can merge these  into Microsoft account so that you can use it to sign into Skype. If you’ve not heard the news till now, Microsoft is retiring Windows Live Messenger and integrating it into Skype. In first quarter of 2013 all Apps for Windows Messenger will be retired in all countries worldwide except China where it continues to available.

Skype user need to update Windows client version to latest to merge Skype and Windows Messenger accounts into Microsoft Account. Don’t worry! all your Messenger contacts and IM feature will be available with in Skype.

To join Windows Messenger and Skype account into Microsoft Account follow below steps

1. If you’ve already Skype on Desktop, from help menu check for updates to download and install latest version or download the Skype Standalone version.

2. Sign into Skype with Microsoft account.

3. If you’re already using Skype then click on “I have a Skype account” on screen and proceed to next screen to merge Messenger acc. with your existing Skype account.

merge Skype and WL Messenger accounts

4. All your contacts in Messenger will be synced into Skype contact list. From the next time onwards you can sign into Skype with Microsoft account where you can able to contact Skype, Messenger friends and use IM feature.

Source: Skype blog