Scheduled tasks help user to run some programs automatically at specified times, let us see how to create a schedule task in Windows 8. For e.g. you can use schedule tasks for an antivirus scan or to run the Disk Cleanup program on startup to get free space. You must be logged in as Administrator to create or delete scheduled tasks. A task once created can be deleted at any time. Let us see how to create schedule tasks in Windows 8.

Creating a Schedule Task in Windows 8

For illustration purposes here I am scheduling to open File Explorer automatically after login.

1. Type schedule tasks, select Settings below Apps and click on “Schedule tasks” shown in the search results.

2. In the Task Scheduler window, on Actions Pane, click on “Create Basic Task”

Task Scheduler in Windows 8

3. On The Basic Task Wizard type the name and give a description (optional) and click Next.

4. On Trigger tab, select ‘schedule’-here you’ve options to choose from Daily, Weekly, Monthly, One time, when Computer starts, when I logon or when a specific event is logged- and click ‘Next’. Here I’ve selected “When I logon”

5.  Select “Start a Program” and click ‘Next’.

6. Click Browse to find the program you want to start and click ‘Next’.

select program to start

7. Click ‘Finish’ button.

You can create any number of Scheduled tasks, but too many might hamper your system performance and resources.

To remove a created Scheduled Task

1. Follow above steps from 1 to 2, select ‘Task Scheduler Library’

2. Select the task, and click ‘Delete’ button on right-pane under Selected Item.

delete schedule task in Windows 8