Today Firefox is celebrating its eight birthday. On 9th November 2004 Firefox 1.0 released on internet, who could’ve thought the browser from non-profit foundation Mozilla going to used by millions of users round the world. Firefox used by most people because of add-ons which allows them in customizing and adding features to the browser.

Happy birthday Firefox

Firefox entered rapid release cycle with version 5.0, from there new version keep coming for every six weeks. Rapid release cycle disappointed lot of users as some releases are just minor updates without new features.

Firefox turns eight-year old today

Firefox version history and release dates

Version Number   Released Date
Firefox 1.0 Nov, 9 2004
v2.0 Nov 29, 2005
v3.0 June 17, 2008
v3.5 June 30, 2009
v4.0 Mar 22, 2011
v5.0 enters rapid released cycle – new version release every six weeks
Firefox 16.0.2 Oct 26, 2012

Firefox 17 currently in beta channel scheduled to release on 20, this month with click-to-play blocklisting plugins, Notification Center for Mountain Lion and other improvements and bug fixes.