Google Image Search tools larger than and Exactly aren’t removed permanently they will be added to new layout in future, confirmed by Google. Recently Google redesigned their search results page to bring constant search experience across all devices and screen sizes, they’ve moved search tools from left sidebar to top as horizontal menus underneath the search bar.

There’re mixed reactions from users on this design change, and its true that Google image search now doesn’t shows ‘Exactly” and “Larger than “ tools under Large menu which were there in old design.

old and new Google image search design comparison with Exactly and Larger than options

Image tools larger than and Exactly gone for vacation

Google employee confirms that “the Image Search tool disappearance is temporary.  We know you miss them.  They are great tools that we use and love, too.  They are coming back and that’s always been the plan.  In the meantime, thanks for sitting tight as you wait for them to return “.

So both these tools are likely to get their way back to new Google image search design. If you’ve any questions on Google. com design change she is asking you to post them on this thread.

At present you still need to remember the fact that the new design is available in U.S only and it may take while to available for other countries and languages.

Update: Both have returned.