Do you like Chrome OS App launcher?and want it to get with Chrome on windows too, in future you might get that natively with Chrome btw now there is a way to get Chrome Apps launcher on Windows. Google trying to port App Launcher on Chrome OS to Chrome browser on Windows with name “Chrome Apps Launcher”. At present you can test this feature by enabling “Show Chrome Apps Launcher” flag by visiting about:flags in Chrome Canary build. FYI Chrome Apps launcher when added to taskbar and ran displays apps installed for Chrome in a pop-up and allows to open them in new or already existing Chrome window.

How to enable Chrome Apps Launcher on Windows

Apps launcher looks beautiful on Windows 7 and lets you search and launch Apps. Though the search bar in pop-up is primarily to find apps but that’s not the case it not only shows search suggestions while typing but also shows search results for search term in new Chrome window when you press enter.

Apps launcher for Chrome on Windows launched from taskbar

You need to enable above said flag and restart browser then you can notice already pinned Apps launcher on Taskbar.

To get Chrome apps Launcher for Dev channel add switch –show-app-list after chrome.exe in Target field for the Shortcut.

Remember Chrome flags are experimental features they might get into Chrome or disappear at any time, the advantage with Chrome nightly aka Canary build is you can test new features before others on dev., Beta and stable channels. At the same time you’re warned, Canary is unstable and not recommended for daily use. [Thanks to Francois Beaufort]