Get ready for web to show more big-sized ads, as Google announced they’ll soon make 300×600 ad unit available for AdSense accounts. However it needs to be seen how many publishers place this ad unit on top of the page with Google’s page layout algorithm already in place.

“One of the top requests from publishers in the last year has been to add larger ad sizes to our network, and today we’re excited to announce that the popular 300×600 unit will soon be available in your AdSense account. “ Omer Gimenez LIatch says in AdSense blog.

In 2011, 300 x 600 and its companion sizes 300 x 50 and  300 x 100 grew by double digits, and were particularly favored by news, sports, and entertainment publishers. The increase in the 300 x 600 unit is indicative of a trend where publishers are offering more visually impactful ad sizes that are favored by brand advertisers, over the functionality to direct response advertisers

Google AdSense to Offer 300 x 600 Ad Unit for Publishers

Google which recently started talking about user experience warns “As with all ad sizes, it’s important to carefully consider the placement of ad units to ensure both users and advertisers have a great experience with your site “.

Once 300×600 unit is available and placed on websites by site owners then Google first to display text ads in the placements and later will serve  both text and display ads for this ad unit.