What to do if installation of Internet Explorer 10 hangs and fails in the middle on Windows 7 at downloading required updates stage? We’ve covered that Microsoft has officially released IE10 Release Preview for Windows 7, if you’ve downloaded IE10 installer and began the installation, then you should know that much needed updates will be automatically downloaded and installed by the installer first then only installation of IE10 takes place.

So if updates download process interrupted or fails, then the IE10 installation stops, you should then need to download those updates manually and thereafter you can install IE10 without any issues.

IE10 downloading prerequisite updates

Fixing IE10 install issues in Windows 7

How to download prerequisite updates for Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview offline that failed to install in Windows 7

How to Uninstall IE10 in Windows 7 that downgrades you to IE9 or IE8

Download and install below four mandatory updates on your computer.

  • 2729094 An update for the Segoe UI symbol font in Windows 7 and in Windows Server 2008 R2 is available
  • 2731771 An update that provides new APIs for conversion between local time and UTC in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2 is available
  • 2533623 Microsoft Security Advisory: Insecure library loading could allow remote code execution
  • 2670838 A platform update is available for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Download Offline Installer for IE10 on Windows 7

It is a norm that you must have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installed for IE10 RP to install, hope you passed this requirement already. If not then you need to be satisfied with IE9 or IE8 on Windows 7.

Have you installed IE10 Preview on Windows 7? if not then why? or are you waiting for IE10 final version? share with us in comments.