If you’re not able to login to Gmail and getting Error 413 in recently released Opera 12.10 then try any one of these fixes. Support to SPDY protocol also brought the problem to Opera. Currently some users experiencing issues with Gmail in Opera 12.10 which uses SPDY where they were not able to login to the service and greeted by error 413. At present either disabling SPDY or clearing the browser history solves the problem. Opera is working to fix this issue automatically for affected users from their end.

Reason for getting Error 413 for Gmail

If you’re wondering what’s reason for getting this error, you don’t need to blame Opera here, Opera says this error can happen even for non-SPDY supported browsers. “This error is triggered when you loose Internet connection while Gmail is still running. When you connect again, the service has trouble continuing and when you close the tab and re-open it, you will not be able to login again”.

Fixing Gmail login issues in Opera 12.10

#1 .To Disable SPDY in Opera

  • Visit about:config in browser
  • Search for “Use Spdy2”  and “Use Spdy3” and uncheck both, save the settings and restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

#2 .Clear browser history, you can do that by Opera menu>Settings>Delete Private data.

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