Its now possible for us to run any site’s flash content in IE10 Metro browser by appending those sites to whitelist file maintained by Microsoft locally on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. As we know Metro version of IE10 allows only whitelisted sites by Microsoft to play flash content, but its now possible to run flash content embedded in any site on Metro IE by simply adding it to compatibility list maintained by Microsoft locally on your Windows 8 and Windows RT Computers and this is how it can be done.

Enabling Flash for desired sites in IE10 Metro on Windows 8 and Windows RT

1. Open Internet Explorer on Desktop, press Alt button and from Tools menu select Compatibility View Settings and uncheck for ”Download updated compatibility list from Microsoft”

2. Now navigate to  “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData” folder

3  Right-click on iecompatdata.xml file and select “Edit” to open in notepad, which shows all flash enabled websites by Microsoft in IE10 Metro these can be find inserted between domain tags,

IE10 metro enabled flash sites

4. Now you can easily add your favorite sites to this compatibility list one by one as below

<domain>site address to enable flash</domain>

5. Add as many as you can, save the changes to the file. 

6. Now clear the browser cache of IE10 Metro by hovering over Charms bar select Settings>Internet Options>click on Delete button to delete browser history.

Though the above hack may not be useful Metro haters on Windows 8 but definitely helpful for Windows RT Surface users. What do you say? [Via XDA forums]