Mozilla today announced in their blog that they’re now offering customized version of Firefox for MSN users –Firefox with MSN – which is now available for download. This version comes with Bing as default search engine and adds msnnow to apptab and makes MSN as default homepage. If you’re already using Firefox then you can add MSN flavor to Firefox by installing Firefox with MSN add-on. You shouldn’t upgrade over the current Firefox with add-ons installed as it fails to start, you may end up in Resetting the browser.

Customized version of Firefox for MSN Users, how many use it is the question

FYI this is not the first time Mozilla done this, year back back they offered Firefox with Bing with Bing as default search engine, now with MSN. And “Firefox has nearly 20 customized versions distributed by partners around the world including AOL, Bing, Twitter, Yahoo! and Yandex.”

firefox version exclusively for MSN users

Firefox with MSN first impressions

You’re warned not to install this over existing version as it failed it to start to in our case. It is better for you to get MSN experience in current Firefox by installing Firefox with MSN add-on.

firefox with msn not responding

Here is what happens behind the scenes:  When you perform clean install of Firefox with MSN, it comes pre-installed with Bing Search add-on and MSN Blue theme. Bing and MSN are default search engine and home page for Firefox with MSN browser.

Download Firefox with MSN  [Source: Mozilla blog]

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