Belarc Advisor 8.3 adds Windows 8 support and offers skip this step for local network scanning. Belrac released version 8.3 for advisor that brings support for Windows 8 and other new features to the table. This free system information tool scans your Computer and creates profile based on hardware and software. This tool opens and shows generated report in default browser automatically once the scan is finished.

Popular System audit tool Belarc Advisor now supports Windows 8

New features added in Belarc Advisor 8.3 are

  • Support for Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012
  • Missing Security updates now detected for Adobe, Apple and Java
  • Local Network mapping now has Skip This Step button
  • Antivirus details improved for Kaspersky, MS Security Essentials & Forefront
  • Drive Encryption Status now includes Sophos/Utimaco & Check Point/Pointsec

computer profile summary generated by Belarc Advisor in Windows 8


First version that supports Windows 8 doesn’t offers system “security benchmark score” which already shown for Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows systems.

Where to find/locate Computer profile generated by Belarc Advisor in your Computer manually?

Fails to open the report in default browser, you can manually open it from “C:/Program Files/Belarc/Advisor” by clicking on Belarc icon shown with your username.

Download Belarc Advisor