Popular Adblock Plus which till now is available for Chrome and Firefox now also available for Opera browser. You can install this extension from developer website. Since Opera doesn’t allows third party extension installations you first need to add developer’s site to Trusted Sites list and then you can install the extension. Once this extension gets approved by Opera you can install it from Opera add-ons site without need of this tedious process.

Adblock Plus extension for Opera now available

Recently released Opera 12.10 offering improved URL Filter API made it possible for Wladimir Poland to release Adblock Plus for Opera. At present Opera limitations doesn’t permit you to allow ads for specific website you’re on, however you can disable adblock plus for specific site’s you want by adding them one by one under Whitelisted domains tab of Options.

“Hide placeholders for blocked elements” feature available in Firefox and Chrome not available in Opera due to limitations. Filter lists can be added to ABP from Options page. You can show or hide ABP icon on address bar from General tab.

Adblock Plus for Opera options

To install Adblock Plus in Opera

1. Press Ctrl +F12 to open Preferences

2. Select “Security” click on “Trusted Websites”

3. Click Add and type or paste https://adblockplus.org/,

4.  Click on Close and OK to save the changes.

Now visit https://adblockplus.org/ in Opera and install the extension.