Is it possible to clear Windows 8 store apps, aka metro apps history? Yes, but the option is buried deep in PC Settings, here is how to find and delete it. Windows 8 apps designed in such a way that they always be running in the background consuming system resources no matter if you close them. Neither Windows built-in disk cleanup utility nor popular CCleaner clears history of apps, so how to delete apps history in Windows 8?, Follow step by step mentioned below.

Deleting Windows 8 Store apps history

1.  Use Win +I to open Settings on sidebar

2.  Click on “Change PC Settings” at the bottom.

3. Now in PC Settings, select ‘General’ and click “Delete history” on right.

delete recent apps histrory

Note: The apps you installed from Windows 8 Store are now officially called as “Windows 8 Store  Apps”, so we should stop calling them as metro apps (and also as Windows 8 apps) and of course, Metro UI now being officially called by Microsoft as Modern UI.