Security firm BitDefender is offering removal tool for Piracy Ransomware Trojan to unlock your locked PC.  Ransom malware aka Ransomware is something hard for user to wipe from System, once any gets infected with such Trojan it blocks access to PC and of course asks to pay ransom to unlock it. Recently security vendor BitDefender has detected Trojan.Ransom.IcePol called as Privacy Trojan or Police Trojan which locks the desktop screen by showing law agency warning that looks legitimate claiming user has watched pornography or downloaded copyrighted materials, pay the money to free the PC.  This Trojan is currently targeting US and other countries. BitDefender has released tool to remove this Trojan.

Remove Piracy Ransomware Trojan with BitDefender removal tool

If you’re affected with this, download the tool offered by Bitdefender on another computer that is of virus-free and copy it to USB flash drive, connect to affected Computer and  boot your system press F8 button to bring up advanced boot options menu and select “Safe mode with command prompt”.

BitDefender Police trojan removal tool

Enter USB drive directory in command prompt and run the tool. All it takes 5 to 10 seconds for the tool to clean up the malware, once that done restart your Computer and your system is ransom ware free.

In future to avoid these keep  Kaspersky WindowsUnlokcer in your arsenal.

Download BitDefender Removal tool for Police/Piracy Trojan.