Bing now officially allowing users to download their daily image to Computers’ but you need to allow Bing to connect to your Facebook account for that, are you ready for that?, currently this feature is available to users in U.S only. But we’ll tell you how to download from any other country as well. Who doesn’t  love Bing images, they’re awesome Bing features beautiful image on its homepage daily.

“ Over the past few years, you’ve let us know that you like the iconic Bing Homepage. In fact, many of you like it so much you’ve asked for a simple way to download the daily image to your computer*. We heard you loud and clear. Today, we are pleased to introduce an easy way to download the Bing Homepage Image of the day.” reads Bing blog.

Downloading Bing Homepage daily image from any Country after connecting to Facebook account

1. Visit Bing, click on Sign in button and from pop-up connect your Microsoft account to Bing.

2. Now visit Bing Worldwide link in your browser and select “United States – English”
as your Country and language.

3. Now Download button appears at the bottom you can either click it to connect to Facebook or click on “Connect now” button to do the same.

4. Once you signed into Facebook you’ve connected Facebook Account to Bing, it now allows to download the image.

Bing officially supports downloading of its homepage images to Computer

5. Click on Download button again to download Bing homepage image to your Computer.

If you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to follow above procedure to download single image offered by Bing let me tell you there are tools available to download Bing images, and even Bing it self offers Desktop app which automatically sets daily image as your desktop background.

Removing Bing app from Facebook

If you’ve  connected to Facebook account from Bing, any time you can remove Bing app from Facebook account by visiting  Facebook Account Settings page and then by selecting Apps.

Do you connect to your Facebook account to download Bing Image?share with us in comments.

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