Avast installer now coming with pre-selected Google toolbar by default, if you’ve not noticed this on welcome screen Google Toolbar will sneak through and install on your computer, you can’t cancel it during the installation. Latest Avast version with Express Install method installs Google toolbar automatically on your Computer and it seems as if Avast desperate to offer you either Chrome or Google toolbar through their free antivirus. These shady tactics may bring them some revenue but at the cost of user base loss. So pay attention while installing Avast watch for Google toolbar or Chrome on welcome screen.

Avast welcome screen with pre-selected Google Toolbar at the bottom

Watch out! Avast Offering Google toolbar through their program

This is not the first time this happened, in February this year Avast installed Google Chrome automatically on users Computers’ and made it as default browser without their permission. That could’ve happened by mistake, you may(may not) agree to install popular browser in world but not toolbar, Google toolbar not an exception here. User never like toolbars.

Since Google toolbar discontinued for Firefox, Chrome has built-in features for it, so IE eventually gets Google toolbar.

If by mistake user installs the program he need to uninstall the toolbar from Control Panel. But Avast installer offering Google toolbar something unheard till now. Carefully uncheck it on welcome screen during install, but you need do the same when you about to click ‘finish’ button after completion. Better practice to install any program with custom install method to avoid these toolbars and other crappy stuff.