Are you getting BSOD with Avast in Windows 8? here is the fix. If you’re using Avast latest  version 7.0.1474 in Windows 8 and getting Blue Screen of Death first let me tell you’re not alone and second Avast is working on a fix meanwhile suggesting users to either turn off network shield or apply the patch provided by them temporarily until they address it in the next update. This patch applied ‘will invalidate it self with new program update’.

It seems as if Avast system drivers are culprit for BSOD. If you’re sure Avast causing the issue do either of two things mentioned below.

1. Disable Network driver: Open Avast user interface>Real-Time Shields>select Network Shield and on-right side click on Stop button and select “Stop for permanently”.

2. Apply the patch by Avast to prevent BSOD

This patch is for aswNet.sys, BlueScreen in NETIO.SYS on Windows 8. Before applying he patch you first need to disable Avast self defense module, for that

  • Open Settings>Troubleshooting>uncheck for ‘Enable Avast  Self-defense module”
  • Download 32 bit or 64-bit package and extract to C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder (here is C: is windows 8 installed drive)
  • Enable Self-defense module and restart your Computer.

Meanwhile Avast got Windows 8 compatible logo from Microsoft and seems that has nothing do with BSOD. To play safe I recommend you to apply the patch than disabling the network shield.

Have you experienced BSOD in Windows 8 due to Avast? share with us in comments.