Zemana, security vendor has released free version for its popular paid Zemana AntiLogger in beta stage which is now available for download from its official website. If you don’t know keyloggers are clever, smart enough and hard to be detected by traditional antiviruses where these once get into your system steals credit card numbers, user names and passwords you type to websites to login and sent to hackers. Zemana AntiLogger free offers system-wide keystroke protection that means every application on your computer is protected against keylogging.

Zemana AntiLogger Free -Free Anti-keyLogger/Keystroke encryption software 

File size with 2.85 MB is quick to download and install on your Computer. Once installed its simple interface shows keyboard protection module status as ON. It is install and forget type of application where no configuration is required on your end.

Zemana Antilogger Free version UI

Updates are installed automatically and notification will be shown once new version is available for you to download and install. You can manually check for updates from the interface though. Zemana promote their products through this free version which you can avoid by unchecking “show message about Zemana promotions” under General tab of Settings window.

Zemana Antilogger Free Settings

It protects every application on your system not just the browser ones. So you can confidently use keyboard while filling text fields in forms or input fields in logon boxes. As it protects real physical keyboard you don’t need to rely on Virtual keyboard anymore FYI it does’ encrypt virtual keystrokes.

Even if there is already keylogger installed on your Computer before the  install of AntiLogger, once this program installed Keylogger only gets encrypted keystrokes with random characters which of no use.

Zemana AntiLogger Free is easy to use application with intuitive interface , doesn’t consume many resources. Still in beta, means not suitable in work environment. You can download the program from here.

Another free anti logger for the system, I recommend is SpyShelter Personal free, and for IE and Firefox browsers you can use KeyScrambler Personal.